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Andrew S. Linick, Ph.D. is one of the world’s most-recognized authorities on direct response, results-accountable marketing and advertising that converts leads into sales.

As both a results-driven master copywriter, Internet Marketing Pioneer (1994) and digital/marketing strategist, Andrew, has been responsible for multiple multi-million dollar breakthroughs for clients since 1970.

At the heart of everything, Linick provides his clients with sound marketing and business advice, and benefit-oriented direct response copywriting. Other services include speaking, publishing, and/or training through the 35K Copywriters Council of America™ (CCA) membership. CCA can provide you with—The Best Freelance Direct Response A-List Copywriters to Beat Your Controls—Within Your Budget!)  For more information email us at:

Receiving just one successful idea could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars for your business. Andrew’s passion for sharing proven ideas for helping you grow your business faster, is based on the scientific principles of measurable, cost-effective direct response marketing.

Based on availability, Andrew works with a limited number of high-level clients on creating marketing breakthroughs and beating controls. “The secrets, tips and shortcuts to mining profits from my Web site and the Internet I learned will take me more than one lifetime to apply. Another marketing genius from the West Coast, Jay Abraham, gets $5,000 an hour. Dr. Andrew Linick, who is at least as good, is a bargain at $1,000 an hour. His honesty and directness saved me from making more costly mistakes and taught me a new mindset that is truly a gift of wealth.”–Josh Carson •

Said Linick, “If you are a newbie looking for some guidance or an experienced marketer looking to increase your clicks, conversions, and return on investment (ROI), I may be able to help.

So let’s talk. You can reach me at 631.924.3888, Just ask for ext. 711.
The initial conversation is free. And there’s no obligation to continue.”

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Enthusiastically yours for greater profits,
Andrew S. Linick, Ph.D.—
The Marketing Copyologist®
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